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Anglo-German Analysis: A new LinkedIn Series

2019 will be a year of profound change for Anglo-German relations, calling for a new approach to Anglo-German analysis.

Brexit will throw up a number of geopolitical questions, in the context of larger patterns of change involving the United States, Russia, China, and the Middle East. Trade relationships between the UK and Germany will be renegotiated in the wake of Brexit. There may be a change at the top of the executive in both countries, as the position of both PM May and Chancellor Merkel is increasingly precarious. Even more fundamentally though, the lives of millions of citizens in both countries will be affected by the myriad changes that Brexit will introduce to every-day activities such as travelling, learning, shopping, and even making phone calls. In Germany, exporters will adapt to the growing technological prowess of China, while finding a way to deal with new tariffs imposed by the U.S. and the UK. The media and public discourse will continue to be under pressure by social media. And both European and state elections will be informed by questions of identity.

Both the UK and Germany are trying to find out who they are and what to do.

Following on from my recent book on 111 reasons to love England, I will be providing analytical comments on these issues in a new series of posts on LinkedIn called Anglo-German Analysis throughout the year 2019. You are invited to comment and share, as we are called on to turning the current state of flux into a more constructive process.

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