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Übersetzungstheorie / Translation Theory

The first part of the course examines theoretical approaches to translation and contemporary cultural and political functions of literary translation. The second part consists of intra-lingual translations, that is, translation from one genre, register, variant, dialect, or sociolect of English into another. The third part of the course is workshop-style: you develop your own translation project and present challenges and successes to class.

The only formal prerequisite for this course is the ability to work independently with confidence in a language other than English (or German) for the purpose of translating into English (or German), or of pursuing a serious study of translations from or into another language. Additionally, a love of the inner workings of language and an interest in a wide variety of literary traditions and cultures will be a plus. The course works best when it enrolls students who bring a wide variety of languages to the table.


Christophe Fricker BiographyI have taught this course or parts of it at


I look forward to hearing from you if you would like me to teach translation theory / Übersetzungstheorie at your institution.

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